We live in Arlington, Texas so most of our work is in the DFW area but we are in Hamilton, Texas this summer so we’re hoping to get some great opportunities to do some shoots out “in the country.”  Our specialty is catching candid shots and lifestyle photography.  Our goal is to freeze time, producing images and art that you will cherish for a lifetime. Meet us below.

We freeze moments so you can be in the moment.


Garen:  The Man Behind the Camera

As the father of four active kiddos and part of a large extended family, Garen has the personality (and patience) to take pictures of the shyest, wildest, or crankiest of children, as well as the annoyed father and awkward tween.  He is a lover of the outdoors, coffee, cats, and jeeping.  He's a jolly fellow that can bring a smile to anyone's face with his laid back take on life and cheesy jokes.  What Garen loves most about photography is the opportunity to freeze the moments that most people miss in life. 


Liz:  The Woman Behind the Man

As the mother of four, Liz is the glue that holds things together in their crazy household.  An amateur cook, wanna-be writer, and Pinterest junkie, she loves hot baths, audiobooks, checklists, and iron-free clothing.  She's got a contagious smile and is always willing to laugh at even the cheesiest of Garen's jokes.  Liz loves showing off Garen's photography and helping tell the stories behind the moments he freezes in time and occasionally being his second shooter for bigger shoots. You can check out Liz's personal blog at www.chickenminushead.com.