Wyoming Wilderness

Garen last week had the opportunity to go to Wyoming for a work trip. His “real job.” Obviously, this was very rough for him getting to go explore the wilderness sans kids or wife. I’m sounding pretty selfish right about now but as soon as you start scrolling down and check out these beautiful shots he got while he was out there, you’ll be a little jealous yourself.

Wilderness lovers, be prepared to fall in love. Personally, I can’t wait to get some of these up on the wall!

Photo Friday: Sweet Summer

How has it been so long since I updated our blog???

I can come up with about a million different reasons, none of which really count too much.

Whatever the reason(s), summer is now here and we are soooo glad it is. Here’s a few highlights so far we’ve caught. Mostly, they include:

  • Swimming

  • Swinging

  • Ice cream (Yes, that’s blue ice cream. Clara is not a zombie)

  • Skooter and bike races

  • Playing at the park

  • More Swimming….

These candid shots of the kids playing are always my favorite and make for the best “framers” (especially when my niece, Harper, was in Texas- Also affectionately known as Baby Hawper). We’d love to capture some candid summer fun for you too!

In the meantime, happy summer!

Beautiful Boys and Bluebonnets

Garen had the opportunity to do a bluebonnet session with Logan and Luke (and Paige and Ranger too).  They're lucky enough to live right next to a lovely little lake that has beautiful bluebonnets growing abundantly, just calling to be used as a backdrop for a Spring photo session.  

And beautiful backdrop it was.  Almost as beautiful as the smiling faces that you'll see below.  And, Ranger.... don't you just want to cuddle up with this adorable fur baby?!?

Thanks, Paige, for sharing your adorable family with us.

Blowin' O Easter

We were lucky enough to enjoy Easter at my Aunt Karen and Uncle Lee Roy's house, right outside of Aleman, Texas.  For those of you that don't know where that is, I guess you could call it a suburb of Hamilton, where I grew up.  My Granny and Grandad used to live at the farm, affectionately called the Blowin' O for the winds that seem to always be blowing out there.  This Easter was another extra special one for us because it was wonderful to get to watch my Grandad watch my kids hunt for Easter eggs in the same front yard that I did as a child.

Of course, Garen brought his camera and caught a few good ones for me to show off.  As you can tell, my kiddos loved the doggies and exploring at the farm.  A good time was had by all!


It's a Bird, It's a Plane....No, it's Kate and Clara!

Over Spring Break while the bigs were away, we took the littles to see the airplanes at Founder's Plaza.  We let the girls run around, watching the planes land and take off.  We had a good time and Garen got some pretty cute shots.  We even got to "play airplane!"  As you can see, we still managed to have fussy moments, but overall, fun was had by all...

Kirsten Bush- Soccer God

Kirsten plays soccer.  And when I say play soccer, I mean this girl lives soccer.  We are fortunate to both be friends and work with her dad, Brian.  This is the first time Garen has been able to get out to a game locally to take some photos.  You can almost feel the intensity coming out of the photos.  Kirsten, you are a true baller!  


Luke's Three-Rex Dino Party

Garen and Will had to miss the party to go to Cub Scouts but after the party Garen took a few quick last-minute photos with him and some of his many beloved dinosaurs.  Despite Luke being super-tired after partying it up, they still turned out pretty cute!  Here's my favorite because he looks so innocent. 

Luke's Three Year Old Photos 1

Isn't he adorable???  Garen had a little fun with photo shop too, as you can tell from the T-Rex chasing Luke in the bottom left photo.

Happy Birthday Luke.  We love you and your energy!!!

Trolls Talent Show

A few of our best friends got together with our precious first graders for the annual Talent Show.  They called themselves the Kindness Kids and did "Can't Stop the Feeling" from the Trolls, complete with adorable trolls outfits and black lights.

Garen didn't get to take many photos during the event since hurricane Clara was in full force during the show, not allowing him to fully focus.  But weren't they cute anyway?!?!

Yellow and Purple Troll Makeup.jpg
Green Troll Makeup_Garen Graves.jpg
Troll Girls with Mirror_Garen Graves.jpg
Yellow Troll Close-up_Garen Graves.jpg
Rainbow Troll Outside 2_Garen Graves.jpg
Rainbow Troll Outside 4_Garen Graves.jpg
Red Troll Outside 3_Garen Graves.jpg
Yellow and Purple Troll Outside 2_Garen Graves.jpg
Yellow and Purple Troll Outside 3_Garen Graves.jpg
Green Troll Outside 2_Garen Graves.jpg
Green Troll Outside 5_Garen Graves.jpg
Troll Boys Outside_Garen Graves.jpg
Girl Troll BFFs 2_Garen Graves.jpg
Four Troll BFFs_Garen Graves.jpg
Four Troll BFFs 2_Garen Graves.jpg
Green Glow Troll_Garen Graves.jpg
Glow Trolls 1_Garen Graves.jpg
Rainbow Glow Troll_Garen Graves.jpg
Yellow Glow Troll_Garen Graves.jpg
Red Glow Troll_Garen Graves.jpg
Four Glow Troll Show_Garen Graves.jpg
Four Glow Troll Show 2_Garen Graves.jpg

Holiday Memories

We had a wonderful, crazy holiday.  Here's a few of the great memories Garen managed to freeze.  He got a new, fancy lens that he got to experiment, which is how he got a few of these photos with the beautiful backdrops.  

May your New Year be Bright!

Clara in Backyard
Will with Tree Lights in Background
Alex holding Harper by Tree
Kate in backyard
kids with grandad
Haley and Zuzu
Zuzu with Horns
Will with Zuzu
All Four Kids
Chambers Family
Kate Santa Hat
Mama and Kate seesawing
Grandad and Mammy and Yaya
Em and Clara